About Us

FONOGRAPHY is the most organized mobile phone or gadget based photo and video sharing website in the world. It has been formed on 9th November 2014.


1. Making a platform for those people who cares to take photo & video by their phones and gadgets.
2. Letting enthusiasts’ photos and videos available to the world in one platform.
3. Encouraging people towards nature, culture as well as to the subject around them.
4. Bringing opportunities for every people to enjoy the world into their pockets.
5. Connecting all people through interactively creative activities.


1. To publish daily shoots of people’s telephonic findings.
2. To arrange many more events.
3. To award most appreciated photos and videos.
4. To arrange workshops on Tips and Techniques.
5. To promote historical & tourist places.


Enabling togetherness in one tap from pocket to palm.


1. Can stand together on single platform.
2. Can walk together towards the diversified objectives.
3. Can build a sociocultural development through blogs.
4. And many more as required by the people for the people.